Message from Dave Noonan

New Industry-wide Union Agreement

After a year of continuous attacks on the union, its officials, employees and members of the union. I stand strong in saying I will never apologise for fighting for workers’ wages, conditions and safety. The attack by the royal commission, the MBA and conservative forces only makes me more committed to continue the fight for workers. We cannot be scared off by such harassment. The CFMEU is here to stay.


The union is never more important than now. The union EBA is up for renewal at the start of next year and the MBA has used this as an opportunity to attack workers’ wages. The MBA believes they can cut excessive labour costs by at least 15% through an MBA non-union agreement. I am not sure our members are in any position to take a hit of at least 15% to their wages each week. Are bosses going to give up 15% of their profits? I doubt it.


The new Union EBA will set wages and conditions for the next four years. Now is the time to join us to fight for your rights otherwise you risk losing your conditions.


Members are strongly encourages to attend an Industry-wide Union meeting to discuss the log of claims in the new EBA on 29 October at 1.30pm at Dickson Tradies.