Women Member Stories-4 from CFMEU Conference 2011

Annie Cowling

We've still got a way to go to get that critical mass where everything will be Ok for women to come into these industries.

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Esther Van Arend SA


I'd like to make some contributions to make it easier for women.

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Chanelle, Molly, Leandra WIC 2011


Get more girls into the industry.

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Lucy Balta VIC


I'm a rigger, dogman and tower crane driver.

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Cheryl Unwin VIC


I am a carpenter. It's great for the CFMEU to be getting all the women together and showing their support.

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Michelle & Erin Mining & Energy



It's all about having the choice.


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Kim & Lorrain CFMEU FFPD




It would be nice to see some actions come out of it.

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