New to Australia?


The strength of the CFMEU is in its members. 

With more than 100 000 members across Australia, we are one of the strongest unions. We are proud of the multinational origins of our members. We come from the four corners of the world, but the pursuit of the best wages, safety and working conditions unites us .

The CFMEU encourages construction workers to join the union regardless of what language you speak or where they come from. Read this Welcome! in your own language.

By becoming a member of the CFMEU, you benefit from all the advantages of a strong union, such as:

  • Protection against exploitation and discrimination
  • Representation in negotiations and consultations with employers
  • Advice and assistance from union organisers and safety officers
  • Participation in union campaigns.

There are also many personal benefits, on top of your regular wages and conditions, such as Long Service Leave, Superannuation, Redundancy – check out the Member Benefits page.

To find out more about your rights and entitlements, if you are on a temporary work visa, for example, click here.

To join now, fill out the form here. Or you can call your local CFMEU Branch or talk to your work-site delegate or organiser.

For more information about living in Australia, the following link may be useful:


Many cultures, one union

أهلاً وسهلاً  Arabic

歡迎登陸   Chinese

Dobrodošli!   Croatian

Salut!  French

καλώς όρισες!  Greek

Benvenuto!  Italian

Welcome!   Korean

 Добредојдовте  Macedonian

خوش آمدید!   Persian

Bem-vindo!  Portuguese

Добродошли  Serbian

¡Bienvenido!  Spanish

Thân chào quý bạn  Vietnamese