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Go the Union. We've got the conditions we've got today because of what our fathers did before and the Union.
You need the Union. Everyone should be in the Union.


The CFMEU is proud of our role in achieving decent wages and working conditions for construction workers. Improving wages, conditions and safety is our main priority - every day of the week.

As a member, you're part of an organisation that has the power to negotiate collective agreements with employers on your behalf, and to campaign with employers and government for continuous improvement in our industry.

The Union also employs specialist staff to assist members where it's needed.

CFMEU Wage Claims Officers, for example, recover millions of dollars in unpaid wages and entitlements for members each year.

Union Industrial and Legal Officers help with matters that have to go to the Industrial Commissions or the courts.

Union Organisers offer support for day-to-day work-site issues:  from getting proper amenities, through to recovering from a serious safety incident.

Hard-won benefits

CFMEU members also enjoy a number of other services and benefits which have been fought for over the years, as Grant says above.

Paid sick leave, paid annual leave, Rostered Days Offs (RDOs), Long Service Leave,  Redundancy pay, Superannuation, the 36-hour week, overtime and all your allowances - all are part of our industry standard now because workers and your Union stepped up and won.

For more information on these benefits, follow the links above. CFMEU offices or Organisers can assist members if you have queries about getting your correct entitlements.

Some of our Branches also have Organisers or Officers who speak languages other than English, and can assist members in those languages.

Australian construction has always drawn migrants from all corners of the globe, as well as workers born here. The CFMEU is proud of that diversity, and defends migrants' rights to receive the same wages and conditions as other workers in this industry. For more information about resources specifically useful for migrants, check out our New to Australia? page.

Join today

If you haven't yet joined or have become unfinancial, why not sign up today? You can fill in an application form here or talk to your site delegate or local Branch office, if you prefer.

Remember, it always pays to belong to the CFMEU.  The more members join, the stronger the Union. And Union membership fees can be deducted against tax at the end of each financial year.