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Stop Excessive Work Hours

Fatigue hurts health and family life

CFMEU members are campaigning against demands from builders that they work more than 56 hours a week, including weekends and RDOs.

Builders are not winning jobs on price in SA anymore. The driver is schedule: the bonus that the builder can earn by finishing the job in record time, ahead of schedule.

But 7-day weeks and long hours are having a disastrous affect on workers’ health and family life.

Workers putting in 12-14-hour days are reporting falling asleep at the wheel on the way home.

Parents with young children are only managing to see their kids for a few hours on the weekend.

Workers are getting injured, as they race to complete tasks on top of each other, to meet crazy schedules.

CFMEU members are saying enough is enough!

“Builders and foremen get bonuses, all workers get is a divorce and a bad back!”


CFMEU SA has developed a campaign with members to combat this trend.  Our demands are simple:

  • The maximum working week is 56 hours and 10 hour days, unless there is an emergency.
  • Sunday and RDO work is emergency and non-production only.

CFMEU members are telling builders: “Our lives and families are not a bargaining tool in your bid to make bigger profits”.

Beat the fatigue at your site today! Stop the bosses’ demand for excessive hours of work.

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  • Fatigue and rushed work pose risks to safety on construction sites.
  • Tired bodies are more prone to muscle strain and injury.
  • Pressuring different trades to work on top of each other at inordinate speeds jeopardizes team work and site harmony.
  • Excessive speed forces workers to take short cuts and do inferior work.
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